Our Advantage

At Music Music, our advantage is our small size.  Wait, what?  Our SMALL size?  Yep.  We are simply 2 DJs,  and 1 Award-Winning Musician/DJ. This means that you get our full attention and focus.  The “Big Guys,” have up to 20 DJs on their roster.  Many with less than 2 years of DJ experience.  If one of those DJs doesn’t do a great job, no big deal to them.  If we don’t wow you, and you aren’t happy, our business suffers and we don’t eat.  So we work endlessly to make you happy.

We are proud to do one thing really well, and thats MUSIC!  We don’t try to sell you extensive lighting packages or photo booths, or magicians, or travelling snake oil salesman. Just music, and we are damn good at that!

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